Uganda project

Sylvester 20

Christine 13

Catherine 9

Rose 13

Joseph 17

Ryan 4

Doreen 10









Our sponsored school children:

We have been able to sponsor more children as one family have become more successful in their chicken farming business and are now self-sufficient, taking the total number of children sponsored up to 10. All of the children are doing well and working to the best of their ability. Since our sponsorship started, none of the children have had to re-sit the year, something which is a common occurrence in the Uganda school system, which is a testament to how hard they are working.

  • Sylvester (20) is preparing for his GCSE exams
  • Joseph (17)  Last summer he got a weekend job working at a local shop and managed to save enough money to buy a bike, meaning he can go to a better school, a little further from home than his old school. This was entirely his decision, made because he wanted to get better results.
  • Rose (13) is growing into a fantastic young lady. She is in her penultimate year of Primary school and is excelling in Maths. She also has won a place on the schools’ netball team, something which she is very proud of!
  • Christine (13) is one of our new sponsored children. After a difficult start in life she is excelling both in and out of school. She is growing more confident and her English is improving.
  • Derrick (12) is continuing to work hard, along with his sisters Doreen (10) and Scovia (7). However, when we visited both Derrick and Scovia were in bed ill as they had got malaria. We were able to buy some medication for them.
  • Queen (9) has an aptitude for Science and is working hard at school. At the weekend, she helps her Mum who has started a chicken business. Her sisters Ella and Emily (who we previously sponsored) are also still performing very well at school.
  • Catherine (9) is a new sponsored child. She is incredibly bright but her parents had fallen on hard times and had to take her out of school as they could not afford the fees. However, she is now back in school and came top of the class in her last report.
  • Ryan (4) is still at Nursery but is doing very well. He can speak some English and loves to play. When we visited, he wanted to show us his school, which is about a ten minute drive away. In the car, he gave us directions and started jumping up and down when we arrived, showing us how much he loves going!

Moses at the clinic




Moses, the nurse who we funded through University to become a doctor, is doing incredibly well. He volunteers at a hospital, with the hope that it will lead to permanent employment. In addition, he has saved enough money to open a small health clinic in a local community. He was so pleased when we visited that he got a friend to model as a patient so I could take some photos of the work that he does. Every time he gets some money, he invests it in the clinic. He does not charge people for consultations, just for the medication that they may need. He also has a number of payment plans available for those that may not be able to pay immediately. He loves his work and we just pray that he will get a permanent job soon, so that he can expand his clinic and continue to help many more people!